Overcoming a Weight Loss Plateau

Dr. Nathan TomitaFor this edition of Memorial Healthcare’s Mommy Blog, we welcome Nathan Tomita, DO, MPH, general and baratric surgeon with Memorial’s Bariatric Center and Mid-Michigan General Surgery, who will blog on overcoming a weight loss plateau.

Weight loss plateaus are an unfortunate and frustrating part of any weight loss process. If you hit a weight loss plateau, don’t let it sabotage your efforts. Don’t go back to your unhealthy habits; instead follow these tips to help resume your weight loss.

  • Reassess your Efforts: Look back at your recent food logs and exercise journal. One major reason for a plateau is slipping in your vigilance to record your activity and food consumption. Exercising less and nibbling before dinner can lead to halted progress in your weight loss goals.
  • Cut Calories: Cutting your daily calories by 200 can give your metabolism the jump start it needs to overcome a plateau. Just make sure that you don’t go below 1200 calories or your body may not receive enough nutrition to function properly.
  • Click here to read more…Overcoming a Weight Loss Plateau



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