Get Your Home Organized For School Days

Lori Vacek— By Lori Vacek
 Memorial Mommy Blogger

Are you ready for that mountain of incoming school papers? Are you stocked up on school supplies? Getting organized will help you reduce clutter and not be overwhelmed by deadlines. In my next few blogs I will share what has helped our family.


  • Have older children be responsible to get all the papers from school to an established area. Younger children may have to simply put their backpack in a specific area. At our house, children are expected to put all school papers on my end table after school. I then can go through them while I ‘m waiting for dinner to finish cooking or during commercial breaks.
  • Establish an area to keep or file papers. Such as important test results, like MEAP or Dibbles, and cute art projects and interesting school papers. I have a deep drawer to put papers into and then I periodically sort them into folders.
  • Place all permission slips, calendars and upcoming events on a magnetized clip on the side of refrigerator in order by date. 
  • Throw out all homework and excess flyers after reviewing them. Be sure to really edit what you keep or you will have too much storage.


  • Now is the time to stock up on lots of pencils, markers, paper, etc. Most stores have great deals this time of year. Buy extras to store for later in the year. We have a drawer full for when the kids use up all those pencils doing school work.
  • Check each class for a list of required supplies and send them to school with your child. Be wise about what you buy, most parents overspend on items that get sent home for lack of space at school. 
  • Buy several sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, and tissues to donate to your school. This is a good way to ensure our children stay healthy.

These back to school tips can make the school year be more enjoyable for everyone.


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