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Meet Our Newest Mommy Blogger; Laura Jafri

Laura JafriMy name is Laura Jafri. I met my husband, Ayaz, in Toronto, where we both lived and were raised.  We met at the University of Toronto where we both attended college. Two years into our relationship, he moved to Louisville, KY, to attend dental school. We continued our relationship, long distance, this time for four more years. He was scheduled to attend a general dentistry residency in Rochester, NY, shortly after graduation. We married 5 weeks after his graduation and immediately moved to Rochester, NY.  It was a tough year. A new country for me, being Canadian at the time, I had no ability to work and my husband was gone constantly.  His call schedule was horrible.

From there, we moved to Owosso where he got a job as an associate in a practice.  He was working every day and I found myself pregnant for the first time. The pregnancy progressed beautifully. Until it ended in tragedy. Our lives from that moment on took on a direction of its own. I realized instantly that I am not in charge. Life gives many blessing and takes them too.  

My husband has a wonderful practice, Mid-Michigan Dental Center, here in Owosso, and I love to manage the children and run the business aspect of our practice. We now have five beautiful and busy children, Joseph just turned 14, Sarah is 12, Noah is 9, Aaron is 7, and Jacob is 5.  I am looking forward to sharing some of my experiences with you — some of them very difficult but with each one a lesson to be learned and still having the love of my life with me 23 years later.


Meet Our Memorial Healthcare Mommy Bloggers!

Tracey HeslipTracey Heslip
This year I turn 40 and what better way to bench mark this year than writing my own blog. I have been married for 20 years (yes, I married young) to a wonderful man who works for the family auto repair business. We have three teenage daughters (18, 17, and 14) and I am just recently a stay at home mom. There is so much involved with running a household that I have no idea how I did it all AND worked a 55 hour week. Losing my income has forced us look at our budget very closely. I made a decision to be proactive…and with that came coupon clipping, making our own laundry soap, growing a garden and canning whatever we can. We also have many hobbies including: beekeeping, making wine, and raising Australian Sheppard dogs. I love sharing with others the things I have learned over the years. I hope my blog will have a positive effect on people and they find joy in reading it. This life isn’t always easy, but with God’s grace we make it.

Lori VacekLori Vacek
As a 48 year old wife and mother, I have learned to embrace life for what it is, and make the best of every circumstance. My husband, Jim, and I have been married for 30 years and live in Owosso. I am the mother to sons Tony, 30;  Joe, 21; and Wilson, 10; and daughters, Megan, 17, and Carman, 11.

I have endured some difficult times but find it makes me stronger, more compassionate and vulnerably open to others. I love to laugh out loud and try to find humor in everything. I am creative and love good clean fun.

I am an avid collector of Mid-Century Modern furniture and housewares. I love going to estate sales with my husband, who makes our living selling antiques on Ebay. I love decorating, fashion, makeup, planning parties, and most of all helping people.

I approach this mommy blog with the anticipation of growing personally as well as helping others grow. My deepest desire is to give the world beautiful people through my children. I am already seeing the results. And my heart is satisfied.

Marianne StuartMarianne Stuart
My name is Marianne Stuart and I am a happy wife at home mothering eight children.  I have been married for 20 years, and just in time for our 19th anniversary we welcomed our 8th baby.  I am sure my husband, Guy, didn’t know he was signing on for that when he married me!

Our children range in age from 19 years to 9 months. We have been homeschooling for 8 years, since St. Joseph Catholic School closed.  Emily, our oldest, will be entering college in the fall. Molly, 17,will be a senior and wants to go Culinary Arts School. Therese is 15 and looking into dual enrollment in high school and college and will be taking a few classes at Owosso High School. This will be our first experience with the public school system. Fingers crossed. Guy, 13, thinks I expect far too much from him academically and will be attending St. Paul Catholic School to get a taste of the real world. Grace, 11, is my little mother and has enjoyed earning big bucks babysitting her littlest brother while I run around town. Maria, 9, is my social butterfly and spends her days emailing, proudly announcing how many minutes she has been on the phone and playing with friends. Richard, 5, spends his days biking on the sidewalk racing the cars that go by. Lastly, maybe, is Andrew.  Andrew is 9 months old and such a joyful little baby and has just started mastering baby signing.  He has “more,” “food,” “nurse” and “goodbye” under his belt.

I live in downtown Owosso, although I grew up in the country.  I am embracing what city life has to offer, like walks to the Cone Zone,  the library and Saturday trips to the Farmers’ Market — I just love walking.

I am a wife and a mom but I don’t think there is anything I could be doing that is more important. My favorite places to be if I am not at home are at St. Paul Catholic Church or on a date with my adored husband, Guy.