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Magic Cupboard

Marianne Stuart with Children

Marianne Stuart

I have a magic cupboard and, if you are a busy mom, you should have one too.  I learned about this concept from a friend who has since passed away.  Cheryl had a closet that consisted of gifts of all varieties for different occasions.  The best part of this idea is that the gifts are purchased at your leisure and at a deeply discounted price.  

My magic cupboard is a room in my basement.  I have shelving units in it.  I shop year-round and I also specifically shop at Black Friday sales to fill my shelves.  When one of my children comes to me and needs a gift for a birthday party, I don’t have to rush out late at night and spend full price.  I head to the basement and bring up a few items for them to pick from. I also keep a good stock of gift bags.  

I have expanded this idea to include shopping for my children’s’ birthdays and Christmas gifts.  For that reason, I don’t let my children into the magic cupboard much.  I also buy with the intention of giving items to our church, who in turn give them to needy families at Christmas.  

Occasionally, I will find that I have things that seem to have gone out of style or I just don’t want to give to anyone anymore.  These items are perfect to be donated to Goodwill or I let my kids go through them.  Who would have thought that a portable cassette player would be so cool?!

My husband wants me to warn you that shopping for your magic cupboard has to be managed carefully and with restraint.  For some reason he thinks I have too many things in mine.  I beg to differ.  All I know is that even if I do have a lot, I have saved so much money and time by being prepared.


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