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10 Thrifty Summer Fun Things to do With Your Kids

Lori VacekIt’s summer time! With the kids home on a full-time basis, coming up with new, fun things to do can be time consuming. Then throw in trying to stay on a budget and you could spend your whole day coming up with just one thrifty thing to do. Here are my top 10 thrifty fun things to do with your kids this summer:

  1. Create a Craft Station – Gather all the possible craft and art supplies into one central location. I have mine in a cupboard near the kitchen table for easy access. If you are low on craft supplies, yard sales and dollar stores are cheap sources for great stuff. On a lazy summer day we all sit down together and create!
  2. A Weekly Visit to the Library Keep a calendar of special activities and events. And join the summer reading program. We like to get a good book and take turns reading together.
  3. Water Fun! – Water fights, sponge toss, or just purchase a cheap sprinkler at Wal-Mart for $.99. Find a friend with pool privileges and make a weekly date. We even wash the car. The kids have a great time and I get a clean car!
  4. Have a Home Economics Class – We do a weekly class and learn to sew a button on, fix a hem, embroidery stitches, and do a simple repair. Even my 10-year old son loves it, and it gives the children independence. 
  5. Bargain Shopping – We love garage sales, The Goodwill and the Salvation Army. I give each child $2 and see who can get the best deal. We have bought some beautiful school clothes from Gap, Express, and Hollister’s with tags for $1 – $2 dollars.
  6. Cook and Shop Together – I include children on grocery shopping and teach them to comparison shop. Then each lunch and dinner they take turns helping to cook. They learn skills and love sharing their creation with the rest of the family. My children have now learned enough that there are many meals they can take over and cook while I sit and watch.
  7. Nature Walks and Journaling – There are so many cool places to explore in and around our area. I buy each child an inexpensive notebook and encourage them to draw what they discover. Then we fill in the page with facts from the library, internet, or books from home. My daughter did one on butterflies that was amazing!
  8. Do work projects together – Make a garden, or refurbish one. My older son and I made a Victorian Herb Knot garden together in which we both have fond memories. Clean the garage or a closet. Organize some drawers. My kids fuss a bit but when it’s done they enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.
  9. Spend time with Family and Friends – Summer is a perfect time to catch up with good friends and far away family. Our whole family loves going to a special event, the zoo, camping or a cookout. A festive attitude goes a long way to add fun to just about anything you do.
  10. Do It Together! – Most of all, for any successful activity, do it together! The memories you make this summer, and for summers to come, will last a lifetime!